How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals Around Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a rough time for anyone that is trying to stay dedicated to any fitness goal in general with all of the food involved during it. With all of the great tasting foods around this time it can be hard to have the willpower to resist eating until you physically can’t anymore. Here are a few tips on how to keep up with your fitness goals during this time or during any holiday season.

  • Reduce your plate size
  • Eat slower
  • No snacking on the foods before you actually eat
  • Try to limit how much dessert you have or try to have a small amount after you are finished eating dinner
  • If you can, limit how much is being cooked
  • Try to fill up on healthier options
  • and last but not least…Enjoy It!

Although it is Thanksgiving and it can be difficult to stick to your goals, it is only one day. One day off of your fitness goals will not derail everything that you have built up. So the best piece of advice that you can have is to enjoy Thanksgiving and try to get back on track the next day. It isn’t the end of the world.

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