Hang Snatch Grip High Pulls

If there is one lift that I would say that every explosive/power athlete in general needs to do, it is the hang snatch grip high pull. A physical movement that requires basically your whole body to force something up, should be in the exercise diet of all of them. Not only does this movement hit you upper body in the mid-back, rhomboids, rear deltoids, and traps, but it is also extremely beneficial to improving the posterior chain of: the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

Giving throwers in Track & Field in general as an example on why this exercise is needed, think of how each throw finishes. All (except for javelin which has slightly different mechanics but this lift is still good for) finish with their bodies lifting up and driving up with everything they have. A lot of the extensions that happen during the throw happens in the hang snatch grip high pull. Both extend the calves, knees, glutes and in some way pull with their backs. So basically other than the full olympic lifts in general, this lift is in my opinion the best accessory lift that almost should be a core lift.

For this lift, for it to be used optimally, I would say that it needs to be performed at least twice per week and needs to be a moderate amount of weight being used during it. I would also say that it should not be done in sets of more than 8 reps in general, unless you are just working for muscle size. You will not get the same benefit from this lift in a power athletes perspective if you start doing it in sets of 10+. This is meant to be a explosive lift and anything past 8 reps will make the lift start losing its effectiveness on the nervous system for firing on all cylinders.

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