A Little About Me!



Hi my name is Taylor,

To start off about myself I guess I should talk about where this all began. During high school I fell in love with two sports: Track & Field and Powerlifting. Both of these sports changed who I was and I never want to look back on the choices that I made with them. Now through high school I had some success with both, but not necessarily the success that I wanted. After high school though I still wanted to do more of both, but chose do only focus on Track in college.

During my college years I tried to learn everything and anything about the sport of Track and Field, with this came knowledge of how to lift, how to perform during meets, how to take care of my body during the season, how to prep for meets, and just about everything in between. To go along with this I also selected to go with a major in Exercise and Sport Science through college, this went along with everything that I learned from Track & Field and Powerlifting and furthered my knowledge on the human body in general and how it adapts and progresses. When I finished college I also decided to complete one of the more difficult certifications in the Exercise world and got ACSM certified as a exercise physiologist.

Further going on after my eligibility in college track ended, I decided at the same time that I would continue on competing post collegiality and also start coaching the same Track team that I competed for. Being able to see things from both sides of athlete and coach at the same time showed me the best ways to look at how to better each and every athlete.

While coaching this brought about an idea that maybe I may be able to help others, not just the members of the singular Track team that I still help with but with others ranging from kids just getting into Track & Field in high school or middle school, or with other that are looking for help in the collegiate or post collegiate setting.

With that I hope I can share this with everyone interested, and thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me!

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